We’re Imprint.

a full service creative agency with a knack for leaving lasting impressions.
Let us help you leave yours.


What is it we do?

at Imprint, we plan, ideate, craft and produce
anything an ambitious business might need
to effectively communicate their brand,
and leave a lasting impression with consumers.

We’re small, it’s true.

but so are ants. have you seen the big things those little guys can achieve? keeping
our team of designers, videographers, graphic artists, writers, planners and client
services compact keeps us nimble, stealthy and efficient. we’re just like ninjas. but
with killer creative skills.

We believe communications that leave a lasting
impression are born out of three steps:

Next, we strategize.

once we understand our client and what they want to achieve,
we dig deeper into who their audience is and how best to
communicate with them. we’re firm believers that one size
fits all never really fits anyone. so we develop custom
strategies that lead to inspiring and effective

First, we listen.

we commit ourselves to understanding our clients,
their products and services inside and out –
because we’re naturally curious, but also so that we
can form a solid relationship and foundation to build
great work from.

Finally, we craft.

applying our gained knowledge and custom
strategy, our stealthy team of creative talent
ideates, designs, writes, revises and produces
work that connects with consumers and creates
results for clients.

Looking to re-engineer your key business processes
to deliver a better experience for your customer?
Whatever your industry, we can help you leave a lasting impression

You won’t find
any cookie cutters here.

(though we do love cookies.)

brands are like fingerprints: no two are the same. that’s why we take the time to really get to
know our clients, and learn the inner workings of what they do and how they do it. because
original, effective communication and creative begins with a meaningful client/agency
relationship. and sure, maybe a cookie or two.